Who We Are

Ideal Marketing is a Boise based social media marketing agency made up of a group of happy and creative professionals. Our digital marketing team has over 15+ years of photography, videography, graphic design, small business development, advertisement and professional sales experience.

Ideal Marketing is a your one stop shop for all things social media advertising! Because we are a multi media marketing agency we can carry your brand from conception to distribution. Our team can create and grow your online brand and community without you. Located in Boise Idaho, Ideal Marketing serves branding, social media and advertising clients expanding across the country!

What We Do

Ideal Marketing grows your brand through strategic and effective social media marketing + advertisement strategies. We combine our knowledge of business development, marketing and sales to create and execute tactful marketing campaigns. Our team will combine our graphic design, photography and video skills to create captivating advertising content for your potential client base and followers to consume. In the event you have all your social media management figured out, we offer our minds for marketing consulting purposes as well.

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